about xocialight

This is a one-man show.

I started xocialight in 2009 not long after graduating college and starting my first "real job" in marketing. What started as a pet project and reason to get out of the house on Thursday nights turned into a small photo business specializing in providing photography to start-ups and non-profits on limited budgets. Since 2009, I've come to specialize further in event, nightlife and other lifestyle and commercial photography, working with various groups, venues and clients around Boston. 

I still work my 9-5 in marketing, but I'm always looking for a reason to get out of the house (and I still work with budgets big and small).

have a photo project?

We should probably talk.

I cover a wide range of photography from nightlife and events to studio and product photography.

As I don't fully rely on my photography for my living income, I can often be more flexible with budgets (but sometimes means I'm not available during the day and other times).

about weddings...

I am not a wedding photographer by trade. Wedding photography is pretty amazing and specialized skill and one many photographers take years to perfect.

However, I love a good party. I've shot several weddings in the past and if you're in a jam (or don't have thousands to spend), we can make it work.